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At South Dakota Hemp Council, we offer a wide range of products and services to help you grow a healthy and sustainable crop on rotation in South Dakota. Our products include: insurance, seed,  organic fertilizers and natural pesticides, while our services include research and development, logistics and equipment support. WHO IS SDHC: David Dennis, Michael Dodds, Mario Gonzalez, Adam Good, Rich Green, Joe Hickey, and Chris Sanders and together they will help you achieve your crop goals for South Dakota.

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South Dakota Hemp Council Launches New Gardening Products


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South Dakota Hemp Council is dedicated to promoting the growth and use of industrial hemp for a healthier and more sustainable future. Our mission is to provide farmers and gardeners with the tools and resources they need to grow high-quality hemp plants and produce a variety of products, including clothes, diesel fuel, fiber, food, medicine, oil, and paper. Click here to learn more about our organization and our commitment to sustainability.

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